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Tips & Tricks

Tasting Rooms

Tasting rooms are where wineries showcase their goods. You can sample the wines, enjoy good company and get a bit of wine education all at the same time. Many of the tasting rooms in the Sacramento region are free of charge, while others have a nominal fee. In most of the tasting rooms in this region you will meet either the winemaker or winery owner.

Ask Questions

The tasting room staff is there to answer any questions you may have. They want to help you get the most of your wine tasting experience, so don’t hesitate to speak up.

Don’t Be Afraid, Spit

The winemaker will not be insulted; in fact, they even provide a bucket for you. After all, you’re tasting, not drinking. Once you’ve got the taste feel free to spit away.

Take Notes

A day of wine tasting can involve sampling dozens of wines. It’s a good idea to keep a few notes so you can sort them out when you decide to make a purchase.


A walk through the vineyard can be a very pleasurable and educational experience. Many wineries allow you to stroll through the vineyard while you sip your wine.

Hydrate and Eat

Be sure to plan a meal in your day of wine tasting. As with all alcoholic beverages, wine will dehydrate you. Mix in plenty of water and food as you enjoy a day of tasting

The Crush

The most exciting (and busiest) times in the wine country is during the fall harvest or “crush”  when wineries are picking and crushing the grapes. The exact dates change every year depending on the weather and winemakers’ wishes, but the best time to be a part of the action is late September through October.